pathfinder blood bowl game pathtikva

לוח הודעות לחיפוש שחקנים, קבוצות ומנחים למשחקי תפקידים וגם מבוכים ודרקונים. הלוח כולל את כל השיטות, וניתן לחפש לפי אזור גיאוגרפי. אז בין אם אתם שחקנים ותיקים או חדשים, כאן תוכלו למצוא משחק חדש.
כללי הפורום
יש להוסיף את הפרטים הבאים בעת חיפוש חבורה ו/או שחקנים:
1. אמצעי ליצירת קשר - במידה שנרשמתם לפורום, מומלץ להשתמש בהודעות פרטיות. אחרת מומלץ לפרסם מייל - רצוי שלא לפרסם מספר טלפון בפורום מטעמי פרטיות.
2. אזור גיאוגרפי בארץ
3. טווח גילאים רצוי
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pathfinder blood bowl game pathtikva

שליחה על ידי Iskra2014 » 13 ספטמבר 2018, 14:39

looking for players to a new group of pathfinder in a unique kind of world where a american football blood bowl in a fantasy world called warhammer politics and wars are settled in the game of blood bowl

the players you will help the team outside of the pitch it includes pathfinder style combat skill check mostly and roleplay heavy

the world itself is barly modern with television that is named cabal vision HD that mostly legally as legal can get in this world airs on a crystal ball blood bowl with fantasy hilarious commecials of goblins as an example
politics are settled in the game of blood bowl where one team from a region or settlement fights another it includes chaos and lawfull fighting each other on the pitch to detemine a war result the game of blood bowl is an american football where cheating killing crippling fighting not only allowed but welcomed and all the blood thirsty fans are exasited and fund the blood bowl with tickets and buying merchindse and sometimes donate to thier fevourite team and coaches

preferbly 18+ age and living in the markaz it will be in pathtikva in a rented public property english speakers are a must i hardly speak hewbrew even tough i can make a small conversation i cant DM in hewbrew fully and fluently
if you have a private property that we can have the game in it will be very welcomed if not the rented property is fully paid by me
my email address please send me an email messege first asking to join or askif you can still join if you are not fitting fully or particly i will consider with dependace of the situation
contact me by that only as here i may not see your message
[email protected]

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